On this page you will find information regarding facilitation, and the methods and practices we put in place in order to offer an inclusive, welcoming space for all participants to learn, succeed and develop. This includes the strategies and facilitation styles we use, how we utilise positive language, things to think about when giving feedback and the equipment we use to create success and challenge for everyone.

If you would like to know more about anything included in the below resources, such as where we purchase our equipment from or what we would recommend for your school or setting, please contact us.

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Facilitating play

When we speak of engaging people with physical activity by playing games and activities, we use the term ‘facilitation’. Facilitation differs from other terms such as teaching, instructing or coaching.

Positive language

Changing how we speak to use more positive language can be a challenge and it takes time. The words we use each day towards physical activity itself and those that are engaging in physical activity sets the culture we want to cultivate within our setting.

Providing feedback

Providing feedback allows us to inform a learner as to what they are doing well, but also how they can improve in their performance of that skill. Feedback is an important component of skill development and motor competence, but more crucially it develops an understanding and awareness in the learner of how movement can be achieved.


The way we use equipment is an important part of any program or curriculum, and can influence how people engage in an activity and develop their confidence and skill. We can use equipment to modify activities for all ability levels by making games and activities simpler or more complex.

Movement cues and progressions

Every type of movement that we make begins as simple movements that gradually become more complex. This complexity can be formed in the performance of the movement itself by acquiring smoother, more coordinated motion or by combining multiple movement patterns together.