The information resources available on this page explore physical literacy and the different components within the concept. The information is designed to increase your knowledge of physical literacy and provide examples of how you can enhance your programs, physical education classes or at home activities to increase competence, build confidence and increase motivation to be active.

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What is physical literacy?

Physical literacy is an emerging concept related to the confidence, motivation and competence to move and be physically active throughout your life. Physical literacy is a complex construct that includes many different aspects of psychology, behavioural sciences, sociology, philosophy and kinesiology in order to understand movement behaviours, develop movement skills and ultimately encourage people to move more.

Developing movement competence

The foundation for fostering physical literacy is established by providing every individual with the opportunity to move to the best of their ability. Every person has a unique physical literacy journey, so some people may move more proficiently in activities compared to others. It is important to understand this when designing games, activities and curriculum for all learners.

Building confidence

Possibly the most important factor in participation is confidence. When someone is not confident in the task they have been given the likelihood of participating is considerably diminished.





Increasing motivation

There are many facets that can lead to a lack of motivation to participate in physical activity. An individual’s lack of motivation to engage in an activity may be related to previous negative experiences, a lack of confidence, physical characteristics and social pressure to name just a few.

Active for life

While the focus on developing physical literacy has traditionally been on children, we can all continue to foster our confidence, motivation and movement competency throughout our lives.