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Based in Victoria, BC, PISE is a nationally recognized leader in providing inclusive, developmentally appropriate programs for children. With a focus on developing physical literacy, we want to share some of what we have learned about providing a friendly, safe environment for children to explore movement. 

We hope that this site will become a hub for physical activity resources and support around developing physical literacy. Uniquely, not only can we offer support through the resources and information on this site, but we can offer in-person professional learning, consultation on inclusive physical activity practices and more for those on Southern Vancouver Island, including the Gulf Islands.

If you live farther afield, you can still contact us and we can explore how we can help together!

This site will be updated on a regular basis with more games, news, research and more so please keep checking back to see what is new!

About the Games

We hope the games and activities on this site will provide you with ideas and information that you can use within your programs, physical education classes and early years settings. All the activities listed provide you with the knowledge to play the game, the list of equipment that you will need, both introductory and extension activities and how the activities connect to the BC Physical Health and Education curriculum (if applicable). Many activities also include videos on how to play the games as well.

If you would like more information on the activities, would like to observe one of our team facilitate the games within your professional context or professional learning for you and your colleagues, please contact us.

Just yesterday at parent-teacher interviews, my son’s teacher mentioned how focused and self-regulated the children are after this program. ~Parent