We are proud that we are able to offer opportunities for all individuals to be active. Through the kindness and support of many community members, we are able to provide services to many individuals who may not have access to sport or physical activity otherwise.

Over the years we have welcomed many children and youth to our facility that have been unable to participate in other activity programs for various reasons. This may be because of a lack of financial means, or because of a disability which has prevented them from participating in ‘regular’ programs.

While we have many stories and examples of this, one individual stands out from the rest. One of the reasons she stands out is not just because of who she is, but because her family are also exceptional people. Check out the video below to hear Mariam’s story:

We know that Mariam and her family are not alone in this city in facing adversity, and we want to help as many people as possible. We can only do that with your continued support and the support of the community and the organisations within it.

If you have questions about our programs or know of a child or family who could benefit from a quality physical activity experience, please contact us. If you would like to donate to the Gift of Play campaign so we can continue our work, please click here.